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There are many things that people pray to & worship ,all powerful but their power is evil ,but it may not look evil .

The only true way to God is through Jesus ,who came to Earth in human form died on a Cross as the perfect sacrifice for all sin for all people of all time then HE came back to life 3 days later & HE ascended back up to Heaven ,but left HIS spirit ,the Holy Spirit with us to live inside of us &all we have to do is accept this &stop trying to save ourselves

When the Holy Spirit lives within ,HE changes you from the inside out .

Before Jesus came ,people had to make sacrifices for their own sins at the temple .

Not anymore

We are free of that now

And One day when we are in Heaven ,we will be perfect

For now ,we are imperfect humans struggling to make it through life & there is much evil and hurt in the world

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